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     Currently I am a data analyst for an R1 Research institution. I spend most of my time creating visually impactful and comprehendable graphics of large data sets for use in presentations intended for internal and external use. 

     I am from Pleasant Grove, a small neighborhood in Southeast Dallas, Texas. It's a rough little part of town that's often neglected or passed-over, but Pleasant Grove is where my parents were first able to establish ties to America, buy their first home, and set their kids up for success. For those reasons, and so so many more, I take pride in saying that I'm from "The Grove".

     Admittedly, I was a hard-headed kid with many a frustration and few outlets to relieve them. At that time, Pleasant Grove was not exactly a breeding ground for emerging artists but still- Dr. John A. Price (whom I still credit for most of my early creative achievements), my then high school theatre director, saw and nourished my potential for creative work. It is Dr. Price that first introduced me to theatre by asking me to stage manage  for our school's first-ever theatre program.

     I got bit by the theatre bug on an Autumn afternoon, the first semester of my freshman year of high school, in our notorious "cafe-gym-atorium", during our first ever rehearsal of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. It was there, in our makeshift theatre surrounded by sports equipment and folded lunch

tables, that I saw what an impact theatre could have on a community.

    I presently reside in Grand Prairie, Texas. It's a city on it's way to

becoming an entertainment powerhouse in DFW it also lends

itself to artistic endeavors and creative expression for it's

residents with city contests for electric box art, concerts for

up-and-coming local musicians, a true treasure-trove for opportunity. 

     I spent most of my early career as an educator. I was a mentor for

incoming freshman at my alma mater for a  while, and eventually I went

on to become a Middle School Theatre Teacher in Oak Cliff, another

one of Dallas' underserved neighborhoods. I find that most of my

professional fulfillment comes from working in student-facing roles.

    I dislike saying that I specialize in any one thing, since I enjoy varying my work based on my latest interests. I am partial to designing- whether its tableaus, cohesive interiors, or graphics, design is where I feel I shine.  I have a great mind for planning and I like to approach my work in phases, something that allows for continual progress and growth.  

    It was my time as the Head Director at ZW Holmes Jr. Middle School that I realized the impact that I could have, the impact that theatre could have on kids.  I was able to take my kids to see showcases at Booker T. Washington Performing Arts High School. I was able to present them with viable career paths for theatre and other performing arts. I took them to visit the entertainment district in Downtown Dallas. 

     Affording my students a chance to see that the arts aren't a waste of time and actually a viable choice for them means the world.

     I love teaching theatre because it helps me give to my students the direction Dr. Price gave to me. At the end of the day, that's what my philosophy for teaching is, giving students' the resources they need to succeed theatrically, or otherwise.

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Part of the first theatre company I was a part of. This was taken before we left to win the 2015-16 TCSAAL Arts Festival with our performance of Romeo and Juliet.

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